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Every Day's a Catch

Shuck It To Me Oyster Monday:

Baked, raw or fried, how do you like them? Pair with prosecco and sparkling wines.

Totally Tuna Tuesday:

Yellowtail, ahi, albacore or even ART’s take on a traditional tuna salad sandwich. Pair with “2-way Pinot,” an Oregon and California Pinot flight.

Wham, Bam, Thank You Clam Wednesday:

Mussels, Manila clams, fried razor clams and the Northwest’s famous gooey duck. Pair with Skinny Chef Ale.

Just For The Halibut Thursday:

From halibut cheeks to filet steaks. Pair with a fine rosé from ART’s “You Make Me Blush” wine menu.

Thank Cod It’s Friday:

Skinny Chef Ale cod & chips and cod fingers. Pair with Skinny Chef Ale.

Cracked Crab Saturday:

King crab, dungeness and snow crab. Pair with an old or new world riesling.

Salmon Enchanted Sunday:

All things salmon, with local spices. A special night for 50 percent off the wine list.